Friday, July 29, 2011

Traditional Newfoundland Fare: Part II

    Fish and Brewis (pronounced "brews") is a traditional Newfoundland meal. It includes salt codfish, boiled potatoes, and hard bread or hard tack. Because of the great fishing waters around the coast of Newfoundland, Codfish was readily available making Fish and Brewis a common meal with many Newfoundland households.
    The recipe may vary from community to community, household to household, or even from generation to generation, but the ingredients stay the same. The recipe typically calls for salt cod fish, potatoes, and hard bread. The Cod has to be soaked in water overnight to reduce the salt content of the fish. The hard bread is broken into bite-size pieces and is as well soaked in water overnight. The next day all the components are boiled separately until tender, then are served together.
    Fish and Brewis is traditionally served with scrunchions. This is salted pork fat that has been cut into small pieces and fried until it resembles pork rinds. Both the rendered fat and the liquid fat are then drizzled over the fish, hard bread and potatoes.
    Drawn butter is sometimes used instead of scrunchions. Drawn butter in this instance is a mixture of melted butter and chopped onions that is thickened by flour in a saucepan then served hot over the fish, hard bread, and potatoes.
    In some Nova Scotia households, this dish is known as "Salt cod and pork scraps".

Fish and Brewis:
(This recipe will serve 4 people)

Traditional Newfoundland Fish and Brewis with
Pork Scrunchions and garnished with Mustard Pickles.
8 pieces of salt cod (Soaked overnight)
8 medium sized potatoes (Peeled and quartered)
4 pieces of Purity Hard Bread  aka. Brewis (Soaked overnight)
1/2 cup of salted pork scrunchions


(1) In 3 separate pots boil the salt cod, potatoes, and hard bread.
(2) In a medium sized pan, over medium high heat, cook until crisp the salted pork scrunchions.

(3) Once the fish and hard bread have cooked and the potatoes have softened, plate them together and drizzle with the pork scrunchions.

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