Friday, December 23, 2011

Using Last Years Christmas Cards

    Every Christmas I get a pile of greetings cards from my thoughtful and loving friends and family. For many years I've tried to save them, but they collect so quickly and I always ended up having to put them in the recycling bin. It just seemed so wasteful.
    A few years ago, I got the greatest idea from my Grandmother. Instead of purchasing Gift Tags from the store, she would use the greeting cards from the year before to tag her gifts. Isn't that just the smartest idea ever? Not only are you saving money, but your reusing a product that close friends and family members took the time and care to send you.
    You can make these as simple or as fancy as you want. I kept it on the simpler side today to show you how it can be done without a bunch of scrapbooking supplies.
Homemade Gift Tags:


Old Christmas Cards
Label stencil
Hole Punch
Assorted Stamps
Assorted Ink Colors
Ribbon, optional

1) Trace a label stencil onto the unused portion of the greeting card.

2) Cut along the line you have created.

3) Using a stamp, decorate the label to your liking.



5) Add embellishment, such as ribbon.

Add ribbon

Curl ribbon


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