Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Fun

    A favourite childhood activity of mine during April was Dying Easter Eggs. We had another rainy day to fill today so I thought it would be fun to dye eggs with my little guy. After all, Easter only comes around once a year. I figure I might as well take this opportunity to do something festive.
    If you have eggs, food coloring, vinegar, some tap water and an hour or so to spare you might find this fun as well. We had a great time.
    While dying the eggs, we used the hard boiled egg method (which is apparently the easiest method). I tried a bunch of different times to "drain" the egg from the shell but this is harder than it sounds. I could never make the holes large enough for the egg to actually drain out, without ruining the shell altogether. I tried blowing air in the holes and also letting the punctured eggs sit on a tray over night to drain out...but nothing worked. So I didn't "choose" to use hard boiled eggs, as much as I had no other option. Maybe I'll go another way next year.

Dying Easter Eggs with Food Coloring:


Glasses (1 for each color of dye)
Spoons  (1 for each color of dye)
Paper Towel
Food Coloring (As many different colors as you want)
Empty Egg Carton

All ready to go...


(1) Hard boil your eggs as desired.
(2) In each glass, mix together warm water with a Tbsp. of vinegar and 8-10 drops of food coloring. I used my Wilton gel colors, and once they dissolved in the warm water, they worked great.
(3) Submerge your eggs and leave them in there until they reach the desired color. About 10-15 minutes. All I had on hand were brown eggs, and I was worried that the colors wouldn't show through. This wasn't the case. As long as the dye is intense, they will work just fine.

(4) Once the eggs have been dyed, dry them off with a paper towel.
(5) Place them on an upside down egg carton to allow them to dry.

(7) Admire your beautiful eggs!

* The food coloring will dye your eggs a small bit. But this doesn't mean you can't eat them. Just peel them and turn them into Deviled Eggs, Egg Salad Sandwiches etc.

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