Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freezing your Fresh Fruit


    I recently came across some beautiful looking mangoes that were on special for 50% off. So I bought 8 of them. I had planned to incorporate them into my meals for the week, but I was fearful that I wouldn't get to them all in time. So I ate what I could, and froze the rest.
    Freezing fresh fruit and berries, is something I do quite often. Whenever there is a sale on fruit or berries that we use regularly, I buy them up. I decided quite some time ago that I would stop spending double the price for convenience foods, and start creating them myself.
    Eight mangoes, once you cube them and remove the skin, yield about the same amount of fruit as in a bag of pre-frozen, "Europe's Best or No Name Mangoes". Only the pre-frozen fruit/berries can cost upwards to $7.50 a bag, and because I bought my mango's on special for $0.60 each, I only paid $4.80 for nearly the same amount. All it took was 10 minutes of my day to cube, freeze and place them in my own freezer bag.
    Think to yourself all the types of fruit, berries and vegetables you are able to buy pre-frozen. If you can buy it frozen, than you can freeze them yourself. (Generally the pre-frozen veggies are worth the buy, but if ever you have bought too many fresh peas for example...remove them from the pod and freeze them).
    Mangoes can be a bit tricky if you are unfamiliar with them. So I took a few pictures for those of you who may need some direction.

Mangoes have a flat, sort of oblong pit in their center. You need to
cut along the sides of the pit, separating the flesh from the pit. Holding
the mango with one hand, stand it on its end, stem side down. With a
sharp knife in your other hand, cut from the top of the mango, down one
side of the pit. Then repeat with the other side.

You should end up with three pieces - two halves, and a middle section that includes the pit.

Being aware of the pit, run your knife around the edge to remove the fruit.

Discard the pit.

Take a mango half, and use your knife to make lengthwise and crosswise cuts.
Try not to cut through the peel. Once the slices have been made,
turn the mango half, inside out. Carefully run your knife along the skin,
removing the the cubes of flesh you have created.

Lay the cubes of fruit onto a baking sheet that has been fitted
with a piece of wax paper. Place the baking tray into the freezer for
about two hours, or until the cubes have frozen through. (This will prevent it
from sticking together while it freezes, and forming one big lump).

Remove from tray and transfer to a resealable, freezer safe
bag. Use as needed.


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