Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craving Some Curry...

    My husband doesn't like seafood. So I thought I would make all the recipes I have been wanting to try containing seafood, while he's away. This one was on the top of the list so it was the first to be made.
It was so good, I never wanted to stop eating it. Seriously.
    A while back I made my own homemade curry paste. A Red Curry Paste, as well as a panang curry paste. They turned out marvelously. I had gotten around to using the Red Curry Paste quite sometime ago when I made Red Thai Duck Curry. It was so good, I was just itching to try the other one. This recipe was the perfect way to test it out.

Pineapple Panang Curry with Prawns:

Panang Prawn Curry with Pineapple
served with Basmati Rice

1  Tbsp.peanut oil
1/4 cup panang curry paste
1 14oz can coconut milk
1 lime (juice)
1 Tbsp. fish sauce
1 tsp. palm sugar (grated, or white or brown sugar)
1 pound shrimp (peeled and deviened)
1 red pepper (sliced)
1/2 cup pineapple, cut into chunks
1 handful peas
1 handful cilantro
1 handful peanuts (roasted and chopped)

(1) Heat the oil in a sauce pan.
(2) Add the panang curry paste and saute until fragrant, about a minute.

(3) Add the coconut milk, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar and simmer for 15-20 minutes to thicken.
(4) Add the shrimp,peas and red pepper. Simmer until the shrimp is cooked, about 5 minutes.
(5) Add the pineapple, cilantro, and peanuts. Remove from heat, and serve over hot Basmati Rice.

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  1. Terri Lynn you outdid yourself again as usual!! This looks delicious!!!!