Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Extend-A-Herb...he he he

How to Store Fresh Herbs

   Using fresh herbs are an awesome way to add flavor to your food. They're super low in calories and depending on the herb, have a ton of health benefits. I usually buy them for a marinade or a specific dinner, and never use the entire bundle. Then I have to try and use the remainder up, by tossing them into my salads and the rest of the weeks meals. But I find that if I don't take the extra time to prepare them for the fridge, they end up becomming "soggy" and get wasted.


   In the case of Cilantro, I first remove the root. I then clean and prep the root for the freezer (I have a recipe for curry paste that calls for cilantro root, so I save it for that purpose.)
    I then place the herbs into a salad spinner filled with ice cold water, rinsing them clean of any debris that may still be hidden among the leaves. Next, I remove the herbs from the water and spin them dry.
From here I place the herbs on a piece of damp paper towel and wrap them inside. Place the bundle inside a resealable plastic bag and store in the fridge. The damp paper towel provides moisture to the herbs, keeping them from becomming soggy.

    This is by no means the only way to store herbs. However I find to be the best way I have come across. If there is a technique you find to work well, I'd love to hear about it. Someone may appreciate your technique more.

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